Somewhere between Stone Town and the beautiful beaches, Zanzibar is a dreamland. During my time in there, I stayed in a small fishing village where every morning as seaweed farmers and fishermen head out for the day, the young children would wade in the water to catch fish with homemade spears. Of course this task is accompanied with a lot of energy and best buds. If you are luck they will show you their tricks!


The rain in Zanzibar was so heavy and so long.  Really beautiful, actually. This was the only morning the sun was not beaming down. None the less, it was still remarkable.

Waking up to this view was unreal. Fishing dhows, seaweed farmers, and young children playing in the shallow water. 

Meet Rifiki. We painted together on Uroa Beach. We don't speak the same language but were able to hangout and play for hours regardless. It's amazing what travel size watercolors can do.  

Every morning as fisherman set out on their fishing dhows the women of Uroa Beach wading into the first low tide to farm seaweed. The seaweed grows on suspended rope and grows very quickly. Once the seaweed is harvested it is hung to dry and then shipped to Europe & North America to be used in medicine, cosmetics, and preservation of food & beer. Over 90% of seaweed farmers in Zanzibar are women, from the shore you can hear their songs, lively chatter, and contagious laughter.