Elephants are known for their intelligence, ability to communicate, and complex social behaviors. It is even said that they grieve their dead. They communicate with their herds by stamping their feet and making sounds that are so low, human are unable to detect them. To keep cool elephants will roll in the mud, or mothers will put dirt on their young which is why they can appear brown instead of their grey color. 

Although they are known as a semi-nomadic tribe, Maasai people remain in Northern Tanzania (or Southern Kenya). Historically, this patriarchal society measures wealth on the amount of cattle and number children one has. Their colored fabrics and beaded jewelry also set them apart - both are incredibly stunning. Since the 1800s the Maasai are all only group of people that is allowed to inhabit the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater or "cradle of humanity", which is an absolutely mind-blowing place. 

When you stand on the edge of the crater taking in the vastness, the beautiful hues of blue and green, along with the historical relevance of the "birth place of mankind", you can not help but be overwhelmed.  To date the Ngorongoro Crater is the only land mark that has brought me to tears upon first glance...so there is that. (& happy tears are kind of my thing) The crater is a collapsed volcano that now provides some of the best wildlife and game viewing in the world. I don't know for sure how it got it's name, but it is said that in order to keep track of their cattle, the Maasai, would tie iron bells to the cow's necks. The ringing of the bells were said to filled the crater with the sound "ngoro", "ngoro" resulting in the name the crater has today.